How to Join (for profit)

We appreciate your interest in becoming a supporter of the Global Autism Collaboration (GAC). Our mission is to network and collaborate with autism organizations worldwide to generate necessary legal and social change to deal with the global autism health crisis. 

If you prefer to complete a hardcopy application form, please (1) download the pdf file, (2) fill out the form, and mail the complete application to: Application, Global Autism Collaboration c/o ARI, 4182 Adams Ave., San Diego, CA 92116, U.S.A.

Please read GAC's 'Structure & Policy' before completing the application below.

From GAC’s ‘Structure and Policy’ document (#6 and #7):

6) For-profit organizations/companies may become supporters of the GAC

  • Three tiers of supporters, based on their annual donation.
    • Diamond - $5,000 or higher
    • Gold - $2,500 to $4,999
    • Silver - $500 to 2,499
  • GAC’s website will dedicate a page that will contain logos of the organizations with embedded links to their websites.
    • Diamond supporters will be listed first; Gold supporters will be listed second; Silver supports will be listed third.
  • Supports will be given a GAC banner to place on their website
  • Supporters may not use the GAC banner for any other reason (e.g., brochure) nor promote their support for the GAC in any other written or verbal form without the expressed written permission of the GAC.
  • Supporters will also be mentioned in GAC’s e-enewsletter
    • Diamond supporters will be listed in each issue
    • Gold supporters will be listed in every other issue
    • Silver supporters will be listed in two issues a year
  • Permission to become a supporter of GAC shall be at the sole discretion of the GAC Advisory Committee
    • For-profit organizations/companies may be removed as a supporter by a two-third vote by the GAC Advisory Committee, and the decision will be made at their sole discretion. The donation will be prorated and refunded.

7)  Monies raised by the GAC through for-profit support and other fund-raising events:

  • May be used to support the “Parents as Partners” research initiative
    • RFPs to fund specific areas of research will be written and distributed by members and supporters of the GAC
  • May be used to pay for press releases that are deemed important by the GAC advisory committee
  • May be used for other initiatives, projects, and programs that are agreed upon by a majority vote of the GAC advisory committee

If you agree to the policy outlined above, please complete the application on the following page. Feel free to use as much space as you feel necessary to answer the questions.    


Organization name:

Your name:









Your organization is incorporated in which country and region/state?

The people whom you serve are:
regional national international

Your organization has been in existence since:

What products and/or services does your organization provide

List other considerations you would like to bring to our attention

Best contact information for you

How much would you like to donate as a supporter to GAC?
Please indicate the exact amount below:
Diamond ($5,000 or higher):
Gold ($2,500 to $4,999):
Silver ($500 to $2,499):

Please make check out to the Autism Research Institute. Note: 100% of your
donation will be earmarked for the Global Autism Collaboration.

By submitting this form, you agree and will abide by GAC’s Structure and Policy.


Thank you for your application and for helping children and  families affected by autism!