Vol. 2, No. 2 , 1996, Page 7

Crime Times Mailbox

We contine to be delightedd by the overwhelmingly positive response to Crime Times since its inception last May. Here's a quick sampling from our mailbox:

"I have received two copies of Crime Times and find them both fascinating and hope- filled. It seems the scientific community is finding missing pieces to the puzzle of crime that we in the correctional community have long been searching for."
A Juvenile Probation Officer

"I received my first issue of Crime Times and found it to be very informative. Of particular interest were the articles that pertained to biological causes for criminal behavior, in particular violent behavior.... We all too often struggle to determine which `external' factors lead a person to commit crime.... Tragically, we often forget that the cause perhaps is internal and that a referral to the appropriate medical personnel would be a sounder solution."
A Director of Court Services

"The potential of prevention [through lead screening, early identification of hyperactivity, etc.] is huge... it would reduce delinquency, substance abuse, violence, school problems, illegitimate pregnancy and the costs of medical care. We cannot afford not to do it."
A Physician

"I have received and read with considerable interest the first issue of Crime Times and wish to thank you for sending it to me.... These reviews are some of the most hopeful reports I have seen in many years."
An Appeals Court Judge

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