Vol. 2, No. 2 , 1996, Page 2


"I spent 15 years as a prosecutor in Cook County. I was never so frightened as I have been over the past two years in juvenile court."
Carol Kelly,
Chicago juvenile court judge

"Quietly but steadily, jails and prisons are replacing public mental hospitals as the primary purveyors of public psychiatric services for individuals with serious mental illnesses in the United States.... [T]he Los Angeles County Jail System, with 3,300 of its 21,000 inmates requiring `mental health services on a daily basis,' has become de facto `the largest mental institution in the country.'"
Psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey, in the
American Journal of Public Health, December 1995

"Heritability estimates are relevant only for the specific environment in which they are measured. Change the environment, and the heritability of traits can change remarkably. Saying a trait has high heritability has never implied that the trait is fated to be. Height is both genetically determined and dependent on nutrition. Common conditions in which genetics play a role, such as diabetes or heart disease, can be corrected with insulin or cholesterol-lowering drugs and diet. The disabilities associated with single-gene conditions, such as phenylketonuria or Wilson disease, can be prevented or significantly ameliorated by medical or nutritional therapy."
Lori B. Andrews and Dorothy Nelkin
Science, January 1996

"This generation of kids have much more dangerous drugs in their bodies, more deadly weapons in their hands and a seemingly more casual attitude about violence."
James Alan Fox, Dean,
College of Criminal Justice,
Northeastern University

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