Vol. 1, No. 4 , 1995, Page 2


The numbers are appalling..."

"No matter what its initial potential, a brain malnourished, assailed by toxic environments, or poorly nurtured has little chance of realizing its biological promise."
Jane Healy, Ph.D.
in Endangered Minds

"The numbers are appalling. They underscore what many have said in the past several years: that whatever we're doing, it doesn't seem to be appropriate for the kinds of young offenders and their families we're seeing today."
Dallas County Judge Lee Jackson, responding to a new study of Dallas County's juvenile justice system which showed that within 18 months after release from a rehab program, 79% of young offenders committed another delinquent act. Quoted in the Dallas Morning News, October 9, 1995.

"It is quite clear, despite disparity in prevalence rates, that incidence of learning disability in the delinquent population is much higher than in the general population.... Consequently, development of effective delinquency prevention and treatment methods for learning-disabled youth is critically important."
Dr. Katherine A. Larson, in
Journal of Learning Disabilities

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