Vol. 1, No. 4 , 1995, Page 8

QUOTABLE: Michael Dorris

"My son will forever travel through a moonless night with only the roar of wind for company. Don't talk to him of mountains, of tropical beaches. Don't ask him to swoon at sunrises or marvel at the filter of light through leaves. He's never had time for such things, and he does not believe in them. He may pass by them close enough to touch on either side, but his hands are stretched forward, grasping for balance instead of pleasure. He doesn't wonder where he came from, where he's going. He doesn't ask who he is, or why. Questions are a luxury, the province of those at a distance from the periodic shock of rain. Gravity presses Adam so hard against reality that he doesn't feel the points at which he touches it. A drowning man is not separated from the lust for air by a bridge of thought -- he is one with it -- and my son, conceived and grown in an ethanol bath, lives each day in the act of drowning. For him there is no shore."

in The Broken Cord:
A Family's Struggle with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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