Vol. 1, No. 3 , 1995, Page 1


We originally planned to introduce Crime Times with a double issue (eight pages), and follow this with quarterly four-page issues. However, the initial response to Crime Times has been far greater and more positive than we expected. Therefore, the remaining two 1995 issues will each be eight pages. This will allow us to present both current research and earlier research which we feel is of particular merit.

We're delighted that so many of you wrote to express your interest in our publication. We've heard from judges, doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, prison wardens, professors, psychologists, and counselors around the country, and are pleased that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We're also pleased that readers of all political and philosophical persuasions have written to say that they find Crime Times helpful and informative. Your response validates our belief that the identification and reduction of biological risk factors for crime is a truly bipartisan -- or, rather, nonpartisan -- goal.

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