Vol. 1, No. 1-2 , 1995, Page 1

Introducing CRIME Times

Evidence of the importance of the biological aspect of crime and violence continues to mount. And with the escalation of crime, disseminating information involving all disciplines to those who could help has become critically important.

The Wacker Foundation has agreed to fund publication of a national newsletter that will report on the latest research and news in this area. The newsletter will go to selected members of Congress, medical schools, psychiatrists, criminologists, psychologists, researchers, foundations, justice system professionals, media, and to government offices that are--or should be--concerned with the basic causes and effective treatments of crime.

This newsletter will provide current information on research about the link between aberrant behavior and neurochemical imbalances, physical injury, drugs, toxic environment, diet, food and chemical sensitivities, birth trauma, and genetic vulnerabilities to such factors. Your comments, suggestions, and information pertaining to new research are welcomed. We hope this will be a joint effort of the staff of the newsletter and its readers. There is much to tell, for we are all truly living in crime times.

John Wacker
Wacker Foundation

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