Vol. 12, No. 3, 2006 Page 4


"Their ability to appraise themselves, their problems, their needs, or their handicaps is essentially lacking, and they view situations with gross inaccuracy. With little thought or concern or plan for tomorrow they jump in to respond to the detail they have noted, with the result that their behavior is forever ill conceived, illogical and self defeating.

"They make inappropriate connections, and they have difficulty assigning priorities or values consistent with reality or even with their own frames of reference. Lack of perspective, poor reasoning capacity, short attention span, problems in planning ahead, ease of feeling stressed, problems in the area of communication, and poor and shallow human relations are so common as to be the rule…."

Camilla M. Anderson, M.D., former chief psychiatrist in what was,
at that time, the world's largest women's prison, quoted in
The Dyslogic Syndrome,
by John Wacker, 1976

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