<<About Us >>

Edgeware Gallery is the newest gallery in the Kensington District of San Diego,
and has the distinction of featuring both disabled and non-disabled artists.
The gallery began it's programming schedule in November of 2008.

The gallery's Resident Artist is Mark Rimland,
son of Gloria Rimland and the late Dr. Bernard Rimland.
Mark Rimland is an adult artist with autism, and Dr. Rimland was the founder of the
adjacent Autism Research Institute, a fixture in Kensington since 1967.

Proceeds from the sales of both originals and prints fund research to develop and
validate an effective treatment for people on the autism spectrum.

<<More Information>>

See our Exhibitions page to learn more.

You can also find photos and video of our shows at our Blog,
as well as, links to our contacts.

Be sure to visit www.MarkRimland.com to learn more about our Resident Artist.

Visit www.Autism.com to learn more about the Autism Research Institute.