The Million Dollar Puzzle for Autism Research
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Our all volunteer committee members will send you packets of 50 and give you the return information as well as a poster to display with the puzzle pieces, and a letter to present to business owners. Our goal: "Let's put these puzzle pieces across the entire U.S. and support the research we all want and need."

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Inspire others by sharing why you are participating, how you are distributing your puzzle pieces, and how you have succeeded.

We remember Bernie Rimland for a lot of things; a source for support, of knowledge and hope, and --surprising to many-- an available and personal mentor. More than a few were surprised to find Bernie answer the phone himself when they called ARI. Surprised again, by his generosity, then touched by his kindness and inspired by his dedication and integrity.

One of those callers was a mom, Lynda Huggins of Monroe, Louisiana. Her son, now 32, was one of the 1 in 2,000 afflicted with autism when it was still rare, not so long ago. Bernie and ARI were there for Lynda, and she has watched the organization grow as the unfortunate epidemic explodes. Lynda understands the debt of gratitude many in the community feel toward Dr. Rimland.

And so today she's taken a step to repay Dr. Rimland's kindness, with the Million Dollar Puzzle for Autism Research.

The Million Dollar Puzzle is an initiative to fund research through the Autism Research Institute, and keep Dr. Rimland's visionary work alive. We are solving the puzzle of autism by linking individuals, villages, towns, cities, states and countries with Puzzle Pieces. Each one-dollar Piece represents a son, daughter, grandchild, neighbor or friend. Each piece represents a story of someone’s earnest effort, dedication and kindness in selling it. We encourage you to share your success story about selling Puzzle Pieces, to inspire others to help us in our quest to fund research that makes a difference for individuals living with autism today.

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