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Below you will find the first installment of "recovery/substantial improvement" videos. We hope to add dozens, then hundreds, then thousands more in the months and years ahead.

Play Video   Anthony Play Video   Ethan  Play Video   Leo
Play Video   Biomedical Treatment Works Play Video   Grant Play Video   Hochbein
Play Video   Arman Play Video   Ian Play Video   Nathan
Play Video   Baxter Play Video   Isabella Play Video   Porter
Play Video   Christian and Makena Play Video   Kale Play Video   Preston
Play Video   Dorian Play Video   Kareem Play Video   Stefano (Italy)
Play Video   Eddie Play Video   Kevin    Play Video   Tom 1, 2
Play Video   Edward Play Video  Laura 1, 2, 3 Play Video   Will
Play Video   Dr. Rimland - 1, 2, 3 Play Video   Generation Rescue: Autism Yesterday Trailer
Play Video  TACA:Hope After Diagnosis Play Video   CARD: Journeys Through Autism and Back Trailer
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